Template:Infobox The Place of Everlasting Ice is the bear term for the Beaufort Sea in Canada. It is an area of the arctic sea.


Seekers: The Original Series

The Last Wilderness

The bears find the Everlasting Ice at the end of the book.

Fire in the Sky

Ujurak, Toklo and Lusa make their way around the ice, led by Kallik. They have many struggles, and it isn't what Kallik had hoped for. Searching for prey becomes harder than it ever was for Kallik, Taqqiq and Nisa, and Kallik's hopes fall for showing her friends how great the ice can be.

Spirits in the Stars

The bears finally get to land, and stay for a while, but go back to the ice every night to make a den. The area they go to in the Place of Everlasting Ice has poisoned waters, and the bears need to move the seals of those waters to a cleaner area so the bears there won't become sick.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Melting Sea

Akna mentions she thought The Place of Everlasting Ice was a tale for cubs, before Kallik and Yakone correct her. Iluq and Kassuq want to go there, but Lusa tells them they were too young.

Known Residents

Polar Bears

Grizzly Bears

Black Bears



Other Animals

Locations Within The Place if Everlasting Ice

Walrus Rock

Walrus Rock is located on the Endless Ice and is where many walruses live. When the bears first reach there, Lusa finds rocks telling them they are on land. Lusa names it Walrus Rock because of the rocks she found and the walruses they hear.

Star Island

Star Island is located on the Endlesss ice and is where a group of polar bears live. Aga is the oldest, and the other bears follow her. They hunt only seal and rarely arctic hare, so they were in trouble when the seals were poisoned. They live on the ice. Yakone, a Star Island bear, left Star Island to be with Kallik.



  • Star Island is really Ellesmere Island.
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