Poisonbeasts are submarines. They are called poisonbeasts by beluga whales as well as other creatures in the Seekers series because of the fact that they polluted and poisoned the waters around them.


In The Original Series arc

Fire in the Sky

When Ujurak turns into a beluga whale, the first thing he notices is how poisoned the water is. He narrowly escapes the poisonbeast, but still needs to be saved by another whale named Uglu who mistakes him for her missing son, Pukak.
Ujurak asks what the thing was, and learns it was a human object, known to the belugas as poisonbeasts. The poisonbeasts have been polluting the water for a long time, according to the whales. The belugas say the poisonbeasts scare away their prey, making living conditions tougher than ever for the belugas.
The more he learns of the dangerous poisonbeasts, the more Ujurak realizes they are ruining the waters of the beluga whales.


Poisonbeasts are described as large, loud and stinky. They pollute the water.
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