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Rabbits are small, fluffy creatures with fluffy tails and long ears.


In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Toklo almost gets killed when he pounces on a piece of wood in the blackpath, imagining it was a rabbit.

Smoke Mountain

Kallik and Lusa use a technique used by polar bears to catch seal in order to catch a rabbit from its burrow.

The difference between Rabbits and Hares

Many times, people don't know whether rabbits and hares are the same creature, or the differences between them.
Rabbits and hares are both lagomorphs, which are rabbits and rabbit-related animals. Hares give birth in shallow burrows, whereas rabbits give birth in deep burrows called 'warrens'. Newborn hares (called leverets) are born with their fur, and can see quite well after birth, but newborn rabbits (called kits, kittens or more commonly, bunnies) are born hairless and blind.
Hares are brownish-gray with a white belly in warmer seasons, but in the autumn and winter it turns white. In the wild rabbits are very similar in color, except they don't turn white.
Hares are generally larger and faster then rabbits, with larger ears and more powerful legs. Finally, whilst rabbits have been domesticated, hares have never been kept as pets.