Return to the Wild


Number of Books
4 (so far)
Time Period
February 7 - ?

Return to the Wild is the second series of the Seekers series written by Tui Sutherland and Cherith Baldry, and edited by Victoria Holmes, under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter.

There are 6 in total, following the adventures of four North American bears: Lusa the black bear, Toklo the grizzly bear, and Kallik and Yakone, the two polar bears. They must make a long and difficult journey from Star Island to the Melting Sea, the Forest of Wolves, and Great Bear Lake in order to find homes for each and every one of them. They must struggle with difficult choices, as none of the four bears are ready to leave the group of friends, almost family, that they have known for so long.



Polar Bears

Grizzly Bears

Black Bears

Grolar Bears

  • Nanulak
  • Unnamed grolar bear family
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