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Lusa's Point of View
Lusa is dreaming that she is in a lush forest, walking amung the trees with warm soil underpaw. She hears Toklo's voice telling her to wake up, but she dosen't want to as she'd wake up on cold ice and snow. But when she wakes she is confused to see branches above her head, and she then remembers that they had reached the land at last.
Lusa goes to find Toklo at a river, fishing. He says that the river sounds familar, and that he must be close to his birthplace. Lusa tries to convince him to say where they are, as it was close enough to the Melting Sea for them to visit Kallik and Yakone from time to time. He stares at her, as if it was a ridiculous idea.
Just then, Kallik and Yakone appear, both soaking wet and covered in forest debris. Yakone is constantly wary and confused by all the forest, and is having troubling fishing in rivers. Toklo then catches a fish, and splits it in four so each bear has an equal piece. Lusa declines her share, as there would be plenty of fruit and insects for her.
Lusa begins to run ahead, toward the sound of the river. But as she draws closer, she realizes that it is not the river, but a BlackPath. Yakone stops her just in time to save her from a firebeast.







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