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"Yeah, sure. Thanks for your help today. You're a natural at this. It's like you could understand what the animals were feeling."
— Sally to Ujurak in Fire in the Sky, page 319

Sally is a female teenage[1] human with dark hair[2] and dark eyes.[3]


In The Original Series arc

Fire in the Sky

Sally takes Ujurak in his human form around their animal shelter where they rescue the animals covered in oil. She lets Ujurak feed a seal, and when they reach Lusa, Sally says she's her favorite. She says they were really startled to find a black bear, and at first they thought she was covered head-to-paws in oil. Ujurak helps clean animals with her.
When Ujurak frees Lusa, she appears, possibly awakened by him opening Lusa's cage, and thinks she escaped. Ujurak tells her that he let Lusa out. He then shape shifts into a grizzly, and Sally is seen covering her mouth with her hand in shock. Ujurak and Lusa escape, and Ujurak has confidence she will not let anyone chase them.

Spirits in the Stars

Sally does not formally appear, though she is mentioned in Ujurak's thoughts in earlier chapters, when Ujurak imagines what he would say if he saw her again.


  • Sally may have had a crush on Ujurak.[4]
  • On the Official Erin Hunter Message Boards, Sally is frequently hated by Seekers fans, a reccuring joke.


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