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Every volume of the Seekers series (excluding the mangas) contains a version of the Seekers map. There is one from the bears' point of view and one from the flat-faces'. It shows the path the bears take throughout the series.  In each book, the map is updated to show the bears' progress.



The Original Original Series map

In this map, Kallik takes the clawpath and get captured. The differences is that when the metal bird crashed, Kallik goes in a different direction instead of following Silaluk. This causes her to go straight to Great Bear Lake, but never meet Lusa or Toklo. Instead, Kallik leaves and goes to the Place of Endless Ice. She Meets Lusa, Ujurak, and Lusa on the ice, meaning Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak would have needed someone to help them. Strangly, on the map when Kallik's line meets Lusa and Toklo's, it disappears. This may mean, originally, Toklo was going to kill her, die somehow, or it was a mistake. Also, the map shows the bears ending at Walrus Rock.

The Original Series map

Unlike above, Kallik meets Lusa and Toklo and joins them on their journey. The map follows the same path as the book until they reach the Endless Ice. The map shows them travel right through The Place of Fishing Flat-Faces. Oddly, this place wasn't mention. At the end, the path ends at Walrus Rock, instead of Star Island.

Island of Shadows map

Correctly, this map starts at Star Island and travels the same path as the book. The Claw Path appears to have disappeared on this map, but that is not so. Since Kallik's path was deleted, there are just words. The blackpath, and silverpath, disappear on this map. The Island of Shadows is not named on the map.

The Melting Sea map

The River of Lost Bears descriptions states: The bears have finally reached land. This map shows the bears always were on land. Most likely done to preserve the map, it shows the wrong path. The end of this path goes to where they exit the Melting Sea.

River of Lost Bears map

This path comes right from the Melting Sea, cuts through the Place of Metal Birds, a few rivers, and goes right up to Bears Snout Mountain and the Three Lakes.

Forest of Wolves map

A short route, curves to Toklo's Birth Den.

The Burning Horizon map

The route goes north from Toklo's Birthden and stops a short distance from Great Bear Lake. Though Lusa is separated from the group, there is no sign of it or the caribou trail where they were reunited.

The Longest Day map

Another short trip, the path just goes to the edge of Great Bear Lake. Routes after time skip are not marked on the map.