''Seekers" is a children's novel series written by Tui Sutherland and Cherith Baldry, and edited by Victoria Holmes, under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter. There are six books in total, following the adventures of three North American bears—Lusa the black bear, Toklo the grizzly bear, and Kallik the polar bear—who later meet a fourth bear, a grizzly cub by the name of Ujurak, and help him make a long and difficult journey to the deepest Arctic where he will learn the true nature of his destiny.

After a series of extraordinary events bring all four bears together, they set out on a long and dangerous journey, in order to discover something vitally important, not just for themselves, but for every one of their species. The books are set a little way into the future, where the lives of all wild animals have been severely compromised by human encroachment on their habitat and natural sources of food. All these three kinds of bears have forgotten how to be truly "wild", which is a lesson they must learn as they travel from their birth-dens to help their very special companion.

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