This page is dedicated to Project Template. To join, you may post a request on the talk page of this article.

About Project Template

Project Template is a project focused on creating and editing the templates of this Wiki. This group will take requests of User and Article Management templates.


  1. You MUST wait for your orders in order to create templates. You MUST have permission before you create ANY kind of template.
  2. Any tampering with other templates and messing them up will result in consequences
  3. If you are going to be inactive for 2 or more weeks, contact a member so you don't get kicked from the project. If you are absent for 2 or more weeks, you will be kicked from the project.
  4. Please note that if you disrespect, or anyway do anything mean to a worker on the project, there will be consequences.
  5. Do not take another workers job. If a member is working on a template, don't interfere and change anything.
  6. And finally, have fun. You are on this wiki to share your Seekers life.

I, (), agree and accept all rules and will serve all consequences given to me.

I want to join the project. optional() I ONLY want to learn how to make templates ()

Please copy this entire form and paste it on User:Manulik, User:Mistey, User:Sorrelflower or any other workers page. Please put 4 tides inbetween each () you whish to apply.


Leader: Mistey

Deputy: Sorrelflower

Senior Members: Manulik

New Members:



Mistey- Open for 3 apprentices

Sorrelflower- open for 3 more apprentices; none yet.

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