"Spirits save us! We cannot risk the life of a cub, not even for this."
— Shesh about sending Toklo to Pawprint Island in Great Bear Lake, page 222

Shesh is a massive[1] grizzly bear with a muzzle gray with age,[1] and scars across his muzzle, shoulder, and side.[1]


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Shesh first appears when Toklo accidentally walks right into him. He tells Toklo about Paw Print Island and the legend of Arcturus. When Oogrook said that a bear must follow the pawsteps of Arcturus to bring back the salmon, Shesh agrees that it was a good idea. But, when Shoteka volunteers Toklo to swim to Paw Print Island, Shesh objects the idea, saying that they couldn't risk the life of a young cub, even if all the grizzly bears were starving.
When Toklo declares that he will swim to Paw Print Island, Shesh mutters in his ear that he doesn't have to do it because he was just a cub, and no bear would think badly of him if he didn't.
Later, Shesh advises Toklo of how to feel the pride and strength of Arcturus by marking his territory on the island, and later tells Toklo that it is time to begin his journey to the island.


  • His name means 'brown bear' in Inuktitut.[2]
  • His name is what Aga calls Toklo in, since it means 'brown bear'.[3]


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