Shila (shee-lah) is a female polar bear.[1]


In the Return to the Wild arc

The Melting Sea

Shila is being driven in a firebeast to the place where no-claws take injured and starving polar bears when the firebeast catches on fire after crashing to avoid running over Lusa. Kallik, Yakone, Toklo and Lusa drag her out of the cage and the flames. They take her to a den where she tells them about how no-claws captured her. She is nervous and it is obvious she is hiding something. On the ice, they make a den but are interrupted by Salik and his group, who drive them away. Kallik is startled to see Taqqiq with them. Shila says her mother Sakari sent her away to be free of this group.
They find Sakari's old den. Shila is devastated to find blood. Salik and his friends find them, and Shila attacks them, only to get a wrenched shoulder. Taqqiq later returns and leads them to Sakari and the cubs, Tonraq, and Pakak. Shila is delighted to see them and is one of the first to agree that Toklo should teach the other polar bears grizzly fighting moves since Salik and his gang won't be expecting those sorts of attacks. At first, she doubts Taqqiq, but helps him fight Salik in the end. Taqqiq joins her and her family at the end whilst Kallik and Yakone decide to go with Lusa and Toklo until they find homes.


  • Her name means "flame" in Inuktitut.[2]
  • Shila seems to develop a crush on Taqqiq.[3]
  • It is revealed in The Melting Sea that Shila is the only cub of her litter.[4]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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