"One bear has to go; why not this one? But then you're too weak. No wonder your mother abandoned you."
— Shoteka to Toklo in Great Bear Lake, page 221

Shoteka (sho-teck-a) is an enormous adult grizzly bear[1] with a ragged pelt,[2] a humped back,[1] a dark head,[3] long, sharp claws, and small, dark eyes.[1]


In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Shoteka is first seen at the Great Salmon River.
He tries to convince Oka, Toklo's mother, that Toklo is too old to be traveling with her.  He then tries to flirt with her. Oka just ignores him and goes off to hunt salmon with her son.
Later on, Shoteka tries to kill Toklo by pushing him down into the river in an attempt to drown him. However, Oka. stops him while he is doing so.

Great Bear Lake

Shoteka comes to Great Bear Lake for the Longest Day.
When Oogrook says that a bear should swim to Paw Print Island for the approval of Arcturus, he volunteers Toklo, hoping he will drown in the process of getting to the island.
Toklo initially refuses, causing Shoteka to whisper in his ear that he is weak, just like his mother.
When Toklo makes it safely to the island, Shoteka is outraged. 

Smoke Mountain

Shoteka is mentioned when Toklo is thinking about how he had to fight Shoteka at Paw Print Island with the  help of the spirit of Oka.
Shoteka is mentioned again Toklo thinks that a noise in the bushes could be either a wolf, like the ones that chased him and others along Sky Ridge, or a brown bear like Shoteka waiting to attack them, but it turns out to be a white bear named Qopuk.

Spirits in the Stars

To keep themselves entertained, the bears look at snow lumps to see what things the snow looks like. Shoteka is briefly mentioned when Toklo thinks that a lump of snow looked like Shoteka.

In the Return to the Wild arc

Island of Shadows

Shoteka is briefly mentioned when Lusa is trying to calm Nanulak by talking about Toklo's fighting skills. Nanulak is confused why Toklo didn't kill Shoteka, and Toklo said because it wasn't best to kill your enemies.


  • Shoteka has shown affection towards Oka.[1][4]
  • His name means "sky" in Chickasaw.[5]


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