"She is the greatest of all hunters on the ice."
Nisa describing Silaluk in The Quest Begins, page 2

Silaluk (sill-a-luck) is a beautiful[1] polar bear spirit with quick, powerful claws[2] and astounding strength.[3] She is portrayed in the Great Bear Legend that rightfully explains the elements of nature around all polar bears.[4]


In the Seekers Manga

Kallik's Adventure

Nisa tells her newborn cubs the story of Silaluk. Perpetually running around the Pathway Star, she hunts during snow-sky. But when the ice melts, she suffers hunger. Silaluk is forced to continue running despite the absence of prey because she is being pursued by three skilled hunters, each armed with a deadly spear. For many moons, throughout the course of burn-sky, Robin, Chickadee, and Moose Bird chase her until the warm days cease to continue.
As the warmth flourishes weaker, the hunters finally manage to catch up with the great Silaluk. They triumphantly drive their spear tips into the polar bear with fatal blows. Her heart's blood spatters the foliage in autumn colors of red and yellow. Some blood marks Robin's chest, and that explains why that bird currently has a red breast. Silaluk perishes at the mercy of the hunters, but is reborn when snow-sky returns and the ice has come back.
The ice-hunt continues as another year has begun until again Silaluk gets killed, and cycle continues over and over again.

In The Original Series arc

The Quest Begins

Nisa tells Silaluk's story to her cubs.

Fire in the Sky

Ursa visits Kallik in the form of Silaluk, and gives her a message. Also, Kallik tells her story to Iniq.

Spirits in the Stars

Kallik tells Silaluk's story to Kissimi, like how Nisa told it to her and Taqqiq.


  • Her name means 'storm' in Inuktitut.[5]
  • To black bears and most grizzlies, she is known as 'Arcturus'[6].
  • Some grizzlies know her as 'The Lonely Bear'[7].
  • Ujurak knows her as 'Ursa', or simply 'Mother'[8].
  • She was refered to as a male in Great Bear Lake.[9]



"Long ago, long before bears walked the ice, there was a bear named Silaluk."
—Nisa beginning the story of Silaluk to Kallik and Taqqiq The Quest Begins, page 1


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