"Spirits help us! What will these wild young bears do next?"
— Siqiniq about Taqqiq and his friends in Great Bear Lake, page 341

Polar Bear

Unnamed cubs
Book Appearances

Siqiniq (sik-nik)  is an old,[1] skinny,[2] shrunken,[3] female polar bear, with thin and patchy fur,[1] a raspy voice[1], and pale, bright eyes.[4]


The Original Series

Great Bear Lake

Siqiniq meets Kallik when she and another she-bear called Qanniq are discussing the whereabouts of Nanuk. Later, she represents the white bears to ask the bear spirits to defeat the sun so that the darkness may return, bringing the ice back with them.

The Last Wilderness

Siqiniq does not appear in this book, but is mentioned by Kallik and a bear Kallik meets who knew Siqiniq. It is revealed that Siqiniq is one of the few bears who have traveled from the Melting Sea to the Endless Ice.


  • Siqiniq's name means 'sun' in Inuktitut.[5]
  • Siqiniq had a litter of cubs long ago, but one was killed by an orca.[6] What happened to the rest is unknown.


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