Smoke Mountain is a mountain range near the Big River.  Legend is that a flat-face 'eight trees tall' supposedly lives there. A group of flat-faces live in a cabin next to bear rock, hunting bears for their pelts. The smoke on it is actually coming from the ground as the ground heats up.


In The Original Series arc

Smoke Mountain

The Seekers spend most of the book on Smoke Mountain. They find there are many hardships, such as places short of prey and human hunters. The Seekers are worried about the mountain, after a story they hear from Qopuk, an old, male polar bear.
The legend says there is a human as tall as seven trees who cooks bears over a fire and eats them. The bears find this legend is not true, and that it is really smoke coming off the mountain.

Known Residents

Polar Bear

Grizzly Bears

Black Bears


  • Unnamed hunters


  • In real life, they are the Mackenzie Mountains in Canada.
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