Spirits in the Stars (previously titled Sea of Chaos[12] and Bears in the Sky[13]) is the sixth and final book in The Original Series. Toklo is featured in the portrait, with himself, Kallik, and Lusa below, traveling across the Place of Everlasting Ice.



The journey across the Endless Ice has been treacherous, but Kallik, Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak know they're on the right path and are certain all the answers they've been searching for will soon be within their reach. Yet their challenges are not over, and when they reach the land once again they are met with new mysteries and difficult decisions... all in their quest to save the wild.


United once again, Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak continue across the ice. Conditions are harsh and especially treacherous for the black bear and grizzly bears who are not used to the brutal cold, never-ending snow, and limited food. But the bears are certain now that they're on the right course, and with the stars still guiding them, they push forward.
 When they reach land, at last, the group is overjoyed, but something is not right. The bears who live here are ill. What's wrong with them? What can the foursome do to help? Is aiding these strangers the ultimate goal of their quest? Ujurak just might hold the key to their mission in his paws, but it's Lusa the new bears are especially interested in.
 Three young cubs, each from different backgrounds, and their mysterious shape-shifting companion have grown up together in their long and dangerous journey to save the wild. Now, when their task appears more difficult than ever, the bears must make a critical decision . . . and for one bear the path ends here.

Detailed Plot Summary

The four bears are traveling across the ice after reuniting in the last book. They were walking when they stumble over a break in the ice, that a firebeast had made. Kallik is scared of an orca attacking, but Lusa assures her there is nothing to be afraid of. She jumps into the water and begins to swim, so Kallik and the others follow. Kallik spots an orca fin and begins to panic. Ujurak turns into an orca and helps Toklo fight them off. Finally, Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa make it to the other side. Ujurak seems to have vanished but resurfaces as a bear a few moments later after turning into a very small fish to escape the angered orca. The bears keep going, and Ujurak is getting worried about not seeing any spirits dancing in the sky.
They start to dig out a shelter. Lusa discovers pebbles underneath the snow, confirming they were on an island. They can hear walruses in the distance and name the patch Walrus Rock. They begin to raise their hopes of getting off of the Everlasting Ice by following the walrus barks, but they find there are too many for them to hunt without getting seriously injured or killed. Instead, Toklo catches a rabbit and the bears go to sleep. The next day, they set off again, and Ujurak is still worried about spirits. They swim to another island, and a polar bear sees them before running away. and they build a den for the night. The next morning, they see a polar bear who they chase away from a seal she had caught. The others want to eat it but Lusa thinks it smells bad. The others ignore her, so Lusa knocks it off a cliff and the others get mad at her; they do forgive her and Kallik feels bad that the others were being mean to Lusa.
Later, they go and meet the bear, named Sura, who had run away and left the seal. She is very ill and she has a cub. Kallik feels bad because the bear was probably going to die so she decides to check on them in the night. When she returns Sura is dead, but the cub is still alive. Kallik rescues him and names him Kissimi.
Toklo comes across an aggressive white bear, named Unalaq, who does not believe the Seekers should have come to the island. Aga, the leader of the island bears, stops him from provoking Toklo and asks the brown bear to introduce her to his friends. Toklo reluctantly takes her to the den, where Kallik hides Kissimi. Aga takes a special interest in Lusa, believing her to be the one to save her bears from a great peril and reconnect them to the spirits. Later, they travel to where all of the polar bears on Star Island live. There they meet Age, Unalaq, Yakone, and many others. After discovering an oil leak in the ice, Ujurak had found some herbs that make bears vomit. He brought them to the polar bears and told them that it would help those who were sick from oil contamination. Although many were wary, they ate it. They then tell the bears that they must not hunt any seal and that they may hunt musk oxen instead. The bears grow angry at this, and they have to leave quickly. The four bears decide that they should try to move the seals to a safer and less polluted area. After they find the perfect spot for the seals to stay, they try to chase them in the direction they wanted them to go, but it did not work. Ujurak finally decides that the only way it would work is that he should turn into a seal and convince them to move. It worked; Ujurak taught them how to defend themselves against the orca. Ujurak, back in his bear form, tells Aga, along with Lusa, Toklo, and Kallik, where the seal's new location was.


Polar Bears

Black Bears

Grizzly Bears




  • Ashia's name is mistakenly spelled as 'Aisha'.[14]
  • The final book in the first arc.


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