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Chapter Summary

Kallik's Point of View
After Lusa kicks what she thinks is a rotten seal carcass off a cliff, the bears find the bear who they stole the seal from. The bear, Sura, is very sick and exhausted, and has just given birth to a cub. They offer to help her, but she snaps at them to go away. Ujurak mentions that her scent is heavy with illness.
Kallik keeps thinking about the cub, and how tired and ill Sura was. When the rest of the group fall asleep, she sneaks off to check on Sura and the cub. When she arrives, she finds Sura, who has died. She looks for the cub, and finds it in the dead bear's fur, barely alive. She lets the cub feed on Sura's remaining milk supply, and carries him back to the den. She wakes up the other bears on coming back, and she explains when Toklo asks what it was. She decides to name him Kissimi as his name meant 'alone', and he was alone when she found him. Lusa says that he is not alone any more, though.






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