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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in that will be of consequence later.

These are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the likes.

Chapter 1

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Ujurak cross an ice ridge
  • Kallik goes to catch a seal while Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak rest in a den
  • Kallik returns with a very small seal
  • Lusa hears Walrus
  • They stop for the night and make a den
  • In the morning, a blizzard starts
  • Lusa digs in the snow and finds rocks
  • Lusa calls the island Walrus Rock
  • Lusa falls into a snow drift
  • When the blizzard stops, Ujurak turns into a cormorant and scouts the island

Chapter 2

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo catches an arctic hare
  • Ujurak explains that the spirits are leaving them
  • The four of them leave the land and continue on the ice

Chapter 3

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik finds a seal hole but no seals come
  • Land comes into sight
  • Kallik crosses a ridge and on the other side is a large stretch of water
  • As they cross, orca appear
  • Ujurak changes into and orca and saves Toklo

Chapter 4

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak arrive at a large island
  • Toklo spots a white bear with a reddish tinge to his fur
  • Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak form a plan to catch a mush oxen
  • Lusa spots more bears watching them
  • Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak find a thin she-bear with a seal
  • She runs off leaving the seal
  • Lusa smells it and kicks it off the cliff

Chapter 5

  • Kallik's point of view
  • They follow the blood trail back to the seals and find Sura
  • Sura scares them away
  • Kallik returns to Sura after she dies and takes her cub

Chapter 6

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo goes hunting and finds Unaluq
  • Aga, Illa, and many others appear
  • Toklo brings Aga and Illa to his friends
  • They learn that their destiny is to make the Iqniq return

Chapter 7

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa and Kallik go looking for the seal hunting grounds
  • Lusa and Kallik find Illa, Yakone, Unaluq, and Tunerq by metal cans
  • Lusa tells them that the seals make them sick
  • Yakone, Tunerq, and Unaluq chase them to the seal hunting grounds

Chapter 8

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Lusa and Kallik explain to Toklo and Ujurak that the oil is poisoning the seals
  • Lusa and Ujurak find moss in the valley and carry some under their chins
  • Lusa, Kallik, Toklo, and Ujurak find Yakone and he brings them to Aga
  • Ujurak eats the moss demonstrating its effects
  • All the sick bears eat the moss

Chapter 9

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Aga speaks to Kallik
  • Lusa, Kallik, Toklo, and Ujurak go find Kissimi
  • Lusa, Kallik, Toklo, and Ujurak find a new home for the seals
  • Kissimi falls into the water
  • Ujurak changes into a seal and saves Kissimi
  • Lusa, Kallik, Toklo, and Ujurak pass a gorge and a herd of caribou come
  • Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak get on a cliff and Kallik shoves Kissimi up
  • Kallik falls into the caribou

Chapter 10

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak changes into a seal
  • Ujurak meets Dark and he explains that the oil is making them sick

Chapter 11

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Dark tells Ujurak the story of the no-swims saving them
  • Ujurak swims down to dark water and transforms into an orca
  • Ujurak attacks the seals and they fight back
  • Ujurak changes into a bear as the seals leave

Chapter 12

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Lusa tells the white bears about the new cove
  • Yakone tells Kallik the prophacy about Lusa
  • Toklo take Unaluq, Tunerq, and Illa hunting
  • Yakone asks Kallik if she'll go hunting with him

Chapter 13

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo leads Lusa, Kallik, Ujurak, Tunerq, Unaluq, and Illa to the musk oxen
  • Kallik leaves to go find Kissimi
  • Toklo creates a plan to catch one
  • Toklo and Unaluq chase the musk oxen and Lusa and Tunerq intercept them on the other side
  • Illa and Ujurak come in and take a limping mush oxen

Chapter 14

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik and Kissimi go to the new hunting ground
  • Kallik hides Kissimi as Yakone appears
  • Together, Kallik and Yakone catch a seal
  • They go swimming
  • Unaluq comes and Kallik races over to hide Kissimi
  • Unaluq smells Kissimi

Chapter 15

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak go to the new hunting ground to find Kalllik and Kissimi
  • Toklo fights Unaluq while Kallik escapes with Kissimi
  • Toklo, Lusa, and Ujurak go find Kallik

Chapter 16

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak dig a den
  • Kissimi is hungary so Lusa gives him twigs
  • Toklo returns with a hare
  • In the middle of the night, Kissimi is sick from the twigs
  • Lusa has a dream of two black bears and their mother in a forest
  • She relizes that it is her father, King, and his mother and sister
  • Arcturus leads her out of the clearing and she wakes up

Chapter 17

  • Kallik's point of view
  • Kallik and Ujurak go hunting
  • Just as Kallik reaches for the hare, a flat-face shoots it
  • Ujurak finds a snow village
  • Kallik leaves him and goes and catches another hare
  • She gets lost and looses her way back
  • Nisa comes and tells Kallik that she must make a choice about Kissimi

Chapter 18

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak remembers his dream about the raven
  • Ujurak changes into a flat-face
  • Ujurak finds clothes in an igloo
  • Amourk finds him and introduces him to Akaka and Eva
  • Eva gives him food and brings him to Tulugaq
  • Ujurak and Tulugaq go to find the spirits

Chapter 19

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak and Tulugaq, as ravens, fly toward some mountains
  • Tulugaq shows Ujurak the Place of the Selimuit
  • Tulugaq then brings Ujurak to an oil rig
  • Suddenly, all the land gets swallowed up by oil
  • Tulugaq gets oil on himself and they wake up in the igloo
  • Tulugaq says that his time has come to die
  • Then Tulugaq says that Ujurak's time to die has also come

Chapter 20

  • Toklo's point of view
  • Toklo catches a ptamigan
  • Toklo tries to feed Kissimi
  • Then Toklo's mind changes Kissimi into Tobi and he yells at him
  • Kallik attacks Toklo and takes Kissimi away
  • Ujurak returns and Toklo, Lusa, and Kallik ask him questions
  • They set off to find the Place of the Selimuit
  • Toklo catches a ptarmigan and an arctic hare
  • As they go down a mountain Toklo, with Kissimi, falls
  • The cave comes in sight and transparent animals appear
  • Ujurak finds a drawing in the cave with four bears on it
  • Together, Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak have reached the end of their journey

Chapter 21

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa suggests that they lead a herd of caribou to knock the oil rig over
  • They find the caribou and Toklo creates a plan to herd them
  • They get halfway to the rig when the caribou break apart but ravens appear and chase them back to the herd
  • A storm starts rising. The wild was joining together to destroy the oil rig

Chapter 22

  • Kallik's point of view
  • The herd reaches the denning area and crashes down the fences and houses
  • The herd starts splining up sp Ujurak changes into a caribou and leads them forward
  • Just as Ujurak changes he tells them that his time has come to die and he will die saving the wild
  • The oil rig comes crashing down and flat-faces run everywhere
  • Ujurak appears and they start to go back to the cave
  • Flat-faces with firesticks in a metal bird appear and graze Lusa with a bullet

Chapter 23

  • Toklo's point of view
  • An avalanche starts
  • Ujurak-musk oxen unearths a giant boulder and places it above Lusa
  • Toklo and Kallik race under it just as the avalanche strikes Ujurak
  • Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa emerge to find Ujurak dead
  • Toklo covers Ujurak with snow
  • Toklo's vision becomes blurry and Oka appears
  • Oka tells Toklo that he did his best
  • Tobi appears and tells Toklo that he is proud of him and Ujurak was lucky to have him as his big brother
  • Oka explains to Toklo what he now must do

Chapter 24

  • Ujurak's point of view
  • Ujurak is finally reunited with his mother, Ursa
  • Ursa shows Ujurak bears in the wild that are now happy
  • Ujurak then relizes how his friends have changed. Toklo, a bear who was angry that now will protect any bear smaller or weaker then him. Kallik, a brave bear. And Lusa, a cheerful, daring bear who set off tgo find Toklo leaving everything behind.

Chapter 25

  • Lusa's point of view
  • Lusa, Toklo, and Kallik return to the cave
  • Lusa looks at the painting and relizes Ujurak is no longer on it
  • Toklo finds a new star next to Ursa
  • The stars start shinning and Ursa and Ujurak step out of the painting and run up into the sky

Chapter 26

Coming Soon...

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