"Leave me alone. I won't let you hurt my cub."
— Sura to the Seeker Bears in Spirits in the Stars, page 73

Sura (sir-ah) is a thin[2] female[3] polar bear[4] with sharp teeth.[3]


In The Original Series arc

Spirits in the Stars

Sura is a pregnant she-bear on Star Island. She had made a kill of seal, but the Seeker bears chase her away from it.  Lusa thinks that there was something wrong with the seal, though the others think it's just her as she's a black bear. Lusa kicks the seal over the cliff despite their protests.
Later, they find Sura behind a rock. She had just had a cub. Tired, sick, and angry, Sura snaps at them to go away.
In the night, Kallik comes back to check on them, concerned for them both, only to find Sura dead, but the cub barely alive. Kallik names him Kissimi, which means "alone".  She lets Kissimi feed from Sura's last milk supply before taking him back to the den.
Later, when the Iqniq dance in the sky, Sura appears with Nisa to Kallik thanking her for taking care of her cub, saying that Kallik now knew what to do - take Kissimi back to where he belongs, with his kin and the other polar bears on Star Island.


  • Her name means 'green leaf' or 'new life' in Inuktitut.[5]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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