"I've had a terrible journey to get here. So many flat-faces! I thought a firebeast would get me for sure. But it's good to be here."
— Taloa to Issa in Great Bear Lake, page 201

Black bear

Cub: Unnamed Cub
Book Appearances

Taloa (ta-loh-a) is a female black bear.[1]


In The Original Series arc

Great Bear Lake

Taloa is seen by Lusa talking to Issa about her cub.
When Issa asks Taloa about her journey to the gathering, Taloa says that she almost didn't make it to the gathering because a firebeast had almost run her over.
Later, she scolds a cub to show some respect when he complains that the sun was shriveling all the berries.


  • Taloa's name means "sing" in Choctaw. [2]


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    in Great Bear Lake

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