Input Output
OTOSM Original The Original Series Map
TOSM The Original Series Map
TQB The Quest Begins
TQBD The Quest Begins Dedication
GBL Great Bear Lake
GBLD Great Bear Lake Dedication
SM Smoke Mountain
SMD Smoke Mountain Dedication
TLW The Last Wilderness
TLWD The Last Wilderness Dedication
SITS Spirits in the Stars
SITSD Spirits in the Stars Dedication
IOS Island of Shadows
IOSD Island of Shadows Dedication
IOSM Island of Shadows Map
TMS The Melting Sea
TMSD The Melting Sea Dedication
TMSM The Melting Sea Map
ROLB River of Lost Bears
ROLBD River of Lost Bears Dedication
ROLBM River of Lost Bears Map
FOW Forest of Wolves
FOWD Forest of Wolves Dedication
FOWM Forest of Wolves Map
TBH The Burning Horizon
TBHD The Burning Horizon Dedication
TBHM The Burning Horizon Map
TLD The Longest Day
TLDD The Longest Day Dedication
TLDM The Longest Day Map
TS Toklo's Story
TSD Toklo's Story Dedication
KA Kallik's Adventure
KAD Kallik's Adventure Dedication
LT Lusa's Tale
LTD Lusa's Tale Dedication
UB Unknown Book
UD Unknown Dedication
UM Unknown Map
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