Last Great Wilderness

The Last Great Wilderness

Bear Term
The Last Great Wilderness
Human Term
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Book Appearences

The Last Great Wilderness is a place that the bears find and is thought to be completely free of flat-faces but it is discovered by Ujurak that the flat-faces are drilling the land for oil. The Last Great Wilderness contains the Place of Everlasting Ice, and it is shown that fire in the sky often is viewed there. It is really a national park in Alaska.


Seekers:The Original Series

Smoke Mountain

Qopuk tells Kallik, Lusa and Ujurak about how to find the Last Great Wilderness.

The Last Wilderness

This book takes place in The Last Wilderness. The four Seeker bears were expecting the Last Great Wilderness to be full of prey and free of humans.
The bears had finally reached the Last Great Wilderness and start to plan what they will do. They find much prey and eat well. Ujurak transforms into a goose to catch prey, and swallows a tendril that injures him terribly. The bears have no choice but to take him to flat-faces, though it was believed there weren't any at the Wilderness.
Ujurak learns that the humans are trying to drill for oil, though some humans are trying to protect the land. The humans had already been drilling on the ice for quite some time, surprising the bears.


Known Residents

Polar Bears

  • Unnamed she-bear
  • Unnamed she-bear's two cubs
  • Kallik (temporarily)

Grizzly Bears

  • Unnamed grizzly bear cub
  • Unnamed grizzly Bear adult
  • Toklo (temporarily)
  • Ujurak (temporarily)

Black Bears

Other Animals

Caribou People


  • The Last Great Wilderness is in Alaska.
  • The Last Great Wilderness is called Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by humans.
  • Like in the books, it  is in danger of being drilled for oil in real life.[1]


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