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Kallik's PoV
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Kallik's Point of View
Kallik reaches land, and sees a ridge in the distance. Hoping to climb up there so that she'll see Taqqiq somewhere, she begins to walk over to it. She gets dirt in her fur and thinks about how unpleasant it is to lick off compared to snow. Kallik reaches the ridge, her fur matted with dirt, and hears the loud waves, wishing Nisa was still alive so Kallik could block the sound out with her fur. She begins to fret about how far she had traveled from the sea, and how far away it made her feel from the ice spirits and her mother.
Kallik sees a tree and grass for the first time and is fascinated by it, and discovers a suitable den-like space between the roots of the tree. While nestling in her makeshift den, Kallik sees the Pathway Star her mother told her about, which leads to a place where it is always frozen. She begins to wonder if the Pathway Star could lead her to Taqqiq, and she falls asleep.
Kallik wakes up and promises her mother to find Taqqiq, and goes off to find food. She tries to eat grass, like how her mother told her, and spits it out, thinking that it's gross. She sees another white bear, and thinks about following him at an distance. She then sees another white bear, not following the other but going the same way, and Kallik quickly realizes they're going to a gathering place her mother mentioned, to wait for the ice to refreeze. She realizes that she might find Taqqiq there, but she decides to stay on the ridge.
Later on in the day, she discovers a group of trees, some with berries on them. She hesitantly takes her first bite of berries out of her hunger, and ends up eating more. A few moments after, she realizes they're too tiny to keep her full for long, unlike a seal, but they refilled her hopefulness. She makes her shelter in a pile of rocks, but her sleep is disturbed by the coldness from the stones, the noises from the waves, and her worry that she hadn't found Taqqiq yet.
The next day she wakes up and goes toward the gathering place, and begins walking through a marsh. Distracted by trying to find dry land for her next paw-step, she accidentally bumps into a herd of caribou, but luckily, they ignore her. Carrying on with her journey, she catches and eats a frog by a pond, finding it strange but more filling than berries.
Over the next few days, Kallik wanders, and is attacked by a bird when she tries to eat its' eggs. Frustrated, she curls up into a ball and decides to follow the Pathway Star, hoping to find the Place of Everlasting Ice, and perhaps Taqqiq.




  • Two unnamed polar bears


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