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Lusa's PoV
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Chapter Summary

Lusa's Point of View
The chapter begins with a zoo guide telling some flat-face tourists about Lusa, the newest black bear cub in the bear bowl. The guide tells them about the other bears in the bowl, and talks about how black bears are struggling in the wild due to deforestation, but they are faring better than grizzly and polar bears. He gives Lusa a pear, and another bear cub, Yogi, chases her, wanting some. In their chase, they bump into King, Lusa's virtually deaf father. He roars at them, and Yogi says that he is scary. They see Grumps, the grizzly bear leaving in the grizzly area of the bear bowl. They play a game, where they have to keep very still. Lusa moves, and loses. After, she and Yogi beg Stella to tell them a story, which she does. She tells them of Old Bear, a bear who died in the bear bowl. His spirit wondered around for days, before it came to rest in the Bear Tree. Lusa sees the face of Old Bear in the bark of the tree. Lusa goes to ea some fruit, to find that it was rotten. Stella scolds her, because any food from nature was to be treated with respect. She tells her about Arcturus, and Lusa gazes up at the star.





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  • This is Lusa's first chapter in the Seekers books.

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