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Kallik's PoV

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Chapter Summary

Kallik's Point of View
Kallik comes away from the broken ice, following Nisa and Taqqiq. They walk all day, looking for seals, but find none. Then Nisa comes across a mound of snow, and begins pounding at it, rearing on her hind legs and crashing down onto it. Two seal pups fall out, and Nisa kills them, explaining to her cubs that seals gave birth above the ice. When they eat their fill, Kallik and Taqqiq begin playing with the flippers, and Nisa scolds them to treat food with respect.
Just then, three male bears approach, and the family runs away. As she grows, Kallik becomes bigger and stronger. Nisa catches another seal, and the sun shines, making the air very hot. Nisa says that tomorrow, they would go to the land. Taqqiq asks what land is like, and Nisa replies that there is dirt, grass and rocks with odd animals like foxes, caribou and beavers. The next day, Taqqiq and Kallik fall into a gap in the ice, and they swim over to Nisa. Then they reach an even larger gap, and Nisa starts to take Kallik across. But then some orcas attack. Kallik tries to get onto the ice, but can't. Nisa pushes her up, but is dragged down by the orcas, and her blood washes at Kallik's paws. Taqqiq cries for them, not realising that Kallik was still alive. Too exhausted and numb with grief, Kallik collapses onto the ice.




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