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Toklo's PoV

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Toklo's Point of View
Toklo is playing with some pine needles and Tobi says that his ears hurt. Toklo thinks of how he had seen other cubs played and wrestled together, but he and Tobi did not. As Oka looks for a den for the night, Toklo asks Oka how to catch salmon, and she tells him how. Later, snow had fallen and ice had formed, causing difficulty travelling up the mountain. Toklo and Oka stop to play, and when Tobi whimpers that he is feeling sick, Oka becomes angry. Later, in a den, Toklo wakes up. Tobi smells strange and cold, and he dies. Oka then wakes up, and realizes that Tobi is dead. She roars with grief, frightening Toklo. Grief-stricken, she buries Tobi, saying it was their fault that he was dead and that his spirit would never reach the river.






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