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Kallik's PoV
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Chapter Summary

Kallik's Point of View
Kallik wakes up, mournful, not believing that Nisa is dead. She sees the outline of Silaluk against the sky, and she wonders if Moose Bird, Robin, and Chickadee are really orcas and not birds. She then hears the spirits whispering beneath the ice, and hears Taqqiq's name, and she realizes that Taqqiq had vanished. She makes sure that there is no orcas in the water still, and she swims back to look for Taqqiq.
She searches, but can't find him. She sees a male bear, but realises that it is too old to be Taqqiq. The bear has a seal carcass, reminding Kallik of her hunger. She tries to look for food, but can't get any. She goes to sleep, and when she wakes, she sees a grey line in the distance, and relalises that it is land. She begins to swim to it, and after avoiding rocks and ice floes, she finally reaches land.




  • Unnamed Male Bear


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