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Chapter Summary

Lusa's Point of View
Lusa comes out of the cave, to find that snow has fallen in the night. Ashia's health had deteriorated, and she begins murmuring about a pool of water and a cub named Ben, and has seemed to have forgotten who Lusa is. 
Lusa asks Stella about it, and she says that Ashia was talking about the zoo she used to live in before she came to the bear bowl. Stella says that if she gets worse, the flat-faces would heal her, unless Ashia didn't come back. Lusa asks if that had happened before, and Stella replies that an extremely sick bear was taken away, and never returned.
 Ashia begins to get very sick, not eating or moving. Lusa attempts to alert the flat-faces, but they don't realize, throwing her fruit. Lusa tries again, and they realize that something was wrong with Ashia. They tranquilize Ashia, much to Lusa's horror, who thinks that they had killed her. Stella comforts her, but Lusa panics. King tells her about Grumps, who had been taken away once because he hadn't been eating. He was brought back a few days after, and was well again. But Lusa still wonders if they had taken her mother away forever.





  • Ben
  • Unnamed bears
  • Unnamed, deceased male black bear

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