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Toklo's PoV
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Chapter Summary

Toklo's Point of View
Toklo returns from his hunt to see Oka still lying beside Tobi, and begins to worry that his mother will never move again, leaving him to starve so that his spirit could join Tobi's. He discovers a pile of moss and lays it next to Oka's muzzle, but she never takes it. He lays down next to his mother and his brother, and slowly falls asleep.
Toklo gets startled awake by his mother's sudden movement, and she finally decides to leave. They bury Tobi minutes later, using the moss Toklo brought her, as well as a few branches, and Oka asks the spirits to take care of Tobi. Oka marks Tobi's grave with her clawmarks and leaves. Toklo sorrowfully tells Tobi's spirit to follow him to the river.
By sunhigh, they reach the river, and Toklo sees a large number of bears. As he and Oka get closer to the river, an enormous grizzly bear named Shoteka blocks their path. The bear begins to flirt with Oka, and tells her that Toklo is too old to be traveling with her. Oka growls at him and walks away. Shoteka tries to sneak-attack Toklo, but Oka fights him off.
They reach the lake, and Toklo sees his mother talking to the lake, asking the water spirits to take care of Tobi. Toklo asks if Tobi is there yet, but Oka growls at him that he knows nothing about death. Toklo tries to teach himself to fish, but falls and gets swept away by the current.
Shoteka tries to drown Toklo by holding him under the water, but Oka saves him just in time. Toklo apologizes for trying to fish, but Oka tells him that all her cubs die. Toklo remembers hearing about her first litter, which all died. She tells Toklo to leave, that they will starve here, and if he has to die, to do it away from her, and walks away.





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  • Oka abandons Toklo out of fear of losing him

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