The Quest Begins

These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the likes.

Chapter 1

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Nisa tells Kallik and Taqqiq about the legend of Silaluk, while they are unable to leave their shelter due to a severe storm
    • Nisa teaches Kallik and Taqqiq how to hunt
    • Nisa successfully kills a seal as it emerges from the ice hole
    • A male polar bear steals their prey
    • Kallik, Nisa, and Taqqiq find a dead gray whale and eat it
    • The ice begins to break away

Chapter 2

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa receives a pear from the flat-faces
    • Yogi fights her for the pear
    • Lusa and Yogi startle King who yells at them
    • Ashia tells them to play something else
    • Yogi and Lusa try to see who can go they longest without moving
    • Lusa loses and they ask Stella to tell them the story of the Bear Tree
    • At night, Stella tells Lusa and Yogi of the cub with a star in his tail

Chapter 3

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo almost gets crushed by a firebeast
    • Toklo and Oka find Tobi some dandelions to eat
    • Oka finds a dead deer
    • When they finish, Toklo leads them to a grain spill and a larger bear chases them away
    • Oka tells them that they must go to the Great Salmon River

Chapter 4

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Nisa catches a seal and they share it
    • The ice breaks and Taqqiq falls into the water and Kallik separates onto an island of ice
    • Nisa saves them
    • Nisa, Kallik, and Taqqiq cross a channel one by one, but orcas attack
    • An orca kills Nisa just as she pushes Kallik onto the ice

Chapter 5

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa races Yogi up a tree
    • King teaches Lusa how to climb trees
    • Lusa climbs to the top of the tree and sees many animals
    • Lusa asks Stella them but she says to ask King
    • Ashia and Lusa play a game pretending to be in the wild

Chapter 6

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Oka tells Toklo how to catch a salmon
    • Toklo wakes up to Tobi dead
    • Oka yells at Toklo and stays the rest of the day with Tobi

Chapter 7

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Kalliks sets off to find Taqqiq
    • Kallik tries to catch a seal but misses
    • Kallik finally makes it to land

Chapter 8

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa finds Ashia sick and tries to feed her fruit
    • Lusa show flat-faces that Ashia is sick and they take Ashia away

Chapter 9

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Oka tells Toklo they must do the death ritual and bury Tobi
    • Toklo and Oka arrive at the Gret Salmon River
    • Shoteka attacks Toklo but Oka fights him off
    • Toklo tries to fish but gets swept away by the current
    • Shoteka tries to drown him
    • Oka leaves Toklo to die

Chapter 10

  • Kallik's point of view

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo lays down on a rock and watches Oka
    • A mother bear tells Toklo to go back to Oka
    • Toklo lays down by his mother and falls asleep
    • Toklo awakes to find Oka burying him
    • Oka claws at Toklo and he runs away

Chapter 13

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Kallik finds a dead rabbit
    • Kallik catches a plover
    • Kallik reaches a river and crosses it
    • Belugas arrive and swim with Kallik to the other side
    • Kallik finds walruses and they case her away

Chapter 14

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Oka arrives at the Bear Bowl
    • Lusa talks to Oka
    • King tells Lusa to stay away from Oka
    • Ashia explains to Lusa why she must stay away from Oka

Chapter 15

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo finds two squirrels, a stoat, and many other animals
    • Toklo climbs the mountain and finds the bear he stole food from
    • Toklo finds wild onions and eats them
    • Toklo digs a den and dreams of being the lonely bear

Chapter 16

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Kallik meets Purnaq and they go to the Burn-Sky Gathering Place, where Kallik tries to find Taqqiq

Chapter 17

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Oka claws one of the feeders, injuring him
    • Lusa promises Oka that she will go into the wild and find Toklo

Chapter 18

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo tries to catch some salmon, but isn't able to
    • Toklo finds a mother bear with her two cubs, Fochik and Aylen.
    • When Fochik catches a salmon, Toklo steals it and the mother bear chases him away.

Chapter 19

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Kallik tries to find Taqqiq at the Burn-Sky Gathering Place
    • Kallik leaves on the Claw Path with the other bears to a no-claw area in hope of finding Taqqiq there

Chapter 20

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa tells Yogi, King, Stella, and Ashia that she want to go to the wild.
    • Lusa tries to escape
    • Lusa pretends to be sick
    • The feeders take Lusa to the treatment room in a cage
    • Lusa escapes from the cage and starts traveling toward the forest

Chapter 21

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo follows the river to the valley
    • In the valley, Toklo hears gun shots and flat-faces screaming
    • Toklo awakes to find a flat-face point a metal stick at him
    • Toklo flees and another cub follows him
    • The cub gets shot in the leg and Toklo helps him escape
    • They stop for the night to rest, but when Toklo awakes, the cub is gone

Chapter 22

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Kallik follows Purnaq on the Claw Path
    • Kallik stops for the night and when she awakes, Purnaq had already left
    • Kallik follows his scent toward a row of houses, where she hears gunfire
    • Kallik smells food and goes into a flat-face den
    • Before Kallik can take the meat, a flat-face tranqulizes her

Chapter 23

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa travels through the flat-face denning area
    • Lusa climbs a fence to enter a backyard where she meets a cat
    • Lusa stops at a house to check the metal cans for food
    • Lusa opens the first bin and finds potato sticks and other foods
    • When Lusa opens the second can, the lid pops off, making a loud crash that alerts the flat-face
    • The flat-face lets his dog out, which chases Lusa away.

Chapter 24

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo awakes to see a flat-face cub standing over him
    • The flat-face cub introduces himself
    • Toklo agrees to let Ujurak travel with him

Chapter 25

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Kallik awakes in an enclosure with another bear named Nanuk
    • Nanuk tells Kallik the purpose they were at the enclosure

Chapter 26

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa looks at the trees to find bear spirits
    • Lusa climbs a tree, where she stay for the night
    • When Lusa awakes, she finds a buzzy tree and eats the honey from inside.
    • The bees that live in the buzzy tree sting Lusa away.
    • Lusa comes across some blackberries.
    • A brown bear comes along and snarls that Lusa is in his territory.
    • The brown bear pins Lusa down and tells her that she's his prey.

Chapter 27

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo and Ujurak are climbing up a mountain
    • Ujurak explains how he is following a star, as if he is drawn to it
    • The bears go to sleep
    • When Toklo wakes up, Ujurak is looking for worms
    • Ujurak asks Toklo about his mother, but he is reluctant to answer
    • Ujurak continues to ask lots of questions, annoying Toklo
    • Ujurak accidentally morphs into a bird, but quickly morphs back
    • Toklo and Ujurak attempt to catch salmon at a river, but Ujurak keeps messing up, accidentally morphing into a salmon
    • Toklo, trying to save Ujurak, tells a group of nearby bears not to eat the salmon, saying that they are poisoned
    • After Ujurak morphs back, Toklo says he cannot travel with him anymore and goes on by himself
    • Toklo cannot manage to go by himself and goes to take care of Ujurak to make sure he doesn't get hurt

Chapter 28

  • Kallik's point of view
    • Nanuk wakes up Kallik, saying it is time to go
    • Nanuk tells Kallik the no-claws will put them to sleep and put them back on the ice
    • Kallik wakes up again to find she and Nanuk are on a metal bird high in the air
    • The bird passes through a cloud, and Nanuk tries to calm Kallik down
    • The bird crashes into the ice with flames and everything goes black
    • Kallik awakes to find Nanuk hurt
    • As the white she-bear dies, she tells Kallik to go to the place where the spirits dance
    • Kallik thanks her for taking care of her and sets off to the Endless Ice

Chapter 29

  • Lusa's point of view
    • Lusa wrenches herself free and climbs a tree
    • The grizzly leaves and Lusa decides to travel at night
    • Trying to avoid grizzly territory, Lusa reflects on how she'll never see the Bear Bowl again
    • Lusa reaches a lake and wallows in the water
    • She stays by the three lakes for five sunrises, feasting on berries
    • Lusa reaches the dead forest at the end of the lakes
    • Eventually buds reappear on the trees and Lusa recognizes it as a living forest
    • She settles down in a hollow by some tree roots, which look oddly like Stella
    • Saying goodnight to "Stella", Lusa wonders how she will ever be able to find the lost cub if the wild is so big

Chapter 30

  • Toklo's point of view
    • Toklo, with help from Ujurak as an eagle, kill and eat a mountain goat
    • They travel into the dead forest, where Ujurak accidentally turns into a hare
    • Toklo chases after him to find a small black bear had caught him
    • Ujurak transforms back into a bear, confusing the black bear
    • Toklo wants to scare her away, but Ujurak stops her
    • The black bear cub reveals herself to be Lusa, and that she has been looking for Toklo
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