"This is monstrous! This boy is seriously ill; I can tell that just by looking at him. He needs urgent medical care."
— The Senator about Ujurak in The Last Wilderness, page 154

The Senator is an unnamed male human with gray eyes.[1]


In The Original Series arc

The Last Wilderness

The Senator is a businessman that comes from the city. He and another man argue with the Caribou People that they had to move so that the land could be drilled for oil, but the Caribou People strongly disagree, and protest.
Just as he begins to leave, saying that his business wasn't over, he spots Ujurak. The Senator is shocked that Ujurak has been injured, and even though Tiinchuu says that Ujurak is getting better, the Senator takes Ujurak away against his will.
He carries Ujurak in and out of the metal bird and took him to an automobile, which took them to the Eisenhower Medical Center.


  1. Revealed

    in The Last Wilderness, page 153

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