"I'll show you how to hunt birds. They're trickier because they can fly."
— Tikaani to Toklo in Island of Shadows, page 183.

Polar Bear

Book Appearances

Tikaani (tee-kah-nee) is a large,[1] female polar bear with strong legs,[2] long claws,[3] and bright eyes.[4]


In the Return to the Wild arc

Island of Shadows

Tikaani is briefly seen traveling with other polar bears.
Later, she appears when Toklo falls in a snow drift while hunting.  She teaches Toklo to hunt on the island, by luring birds into the open by dropping seeds on the ground and also how to hunt lemmings. She invites him to live with her and her friends, but he decides not to because of Nanulak.
Later after the Seekers are chased by a mean polar bear, Toklo privately thinks Tikaani might have been an exception to how nice the bears were.


  • Tikaani may have had a crush on Toklo, as she mentions that polar bears and grizzlies sometimes mate and have cubs.[5]
  • Her name means "wolf" in Inuktitiut.[6]


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