Toklo's Story is the first Seekers Manga book. Toklo is featured on the cover, with himself, Tobi, and Oka below the portrait.

The Bookjacket

The Blurb

Grizzly cub Toklo dreams of one day being a great big bear who will rule the forest. He will mark his wide territory and hunt the biggest game, and his brother, Tobi, will forever be at his side. Other grizzlies may stalk the forest alone, but Toklo and Tobi will always have each other.
 Yet for now, they're too little to defend themselves, and when a terrifying grizzly demands they leave his territory—or else—they have no choice but to abandon the only home they've ever known. Will Toklo be able to help his family find a new home—or will he just get them into even greater trouble?

Detailed Plot Summary

The book starts out with Toklo introducing himself. Toklo, Oka, and Tobi are in a forest where Toklo and Tobi can play and learn to hunt. Toklo talks about how Oka takes good care of him and Tobi, and how when he grows up, he and Tobi will live together, hunt together and share territory even though it isn't the way of grizzly bears.
 Toklo and Tobi play with some horses, and Oka calls them away when a flat-face comes. When they reach the den, they find it sabotaged with claw marks on it. The bear who did it was Toklo's father, the bear whose territory they were staying in and unknown to Toklo and Tobi, their father.
 Oka moves her cubs, and one night Tobi wakes Toklo up, saying that he was cold and couldn't feel his paws. Toklo covers him with a bit of dirt, and Tobi says that it was better, but Oka wakes up, roaring, thinking that Tobi was dead and that Toklo was burying Tobi.
 Oka looks for a place to cross a river, for can't find one. When she sleeps. Toklo and Tobi try to cross themselves, only to fall in. Oka saves them, injuring her paw, and Tobi begins to feel sick.
 Toklo and Tobi go off when Oka is asleep to find some food for her. They find a large carcass of a deer, but before they can take some back to Oka, Chogan spots them, chasing them. The cubs hide in his den, and Chogan sees them. Tobi explains that they were heading off his territory with Oka, and Chogan realizes that they are his sons.  Chogan lets them off but warns them to tell Oka to leave.
 Just as the family is about to get off the territory, Chogan appears, thinking that they were staying. Oka and Toklo's father fight while Toklo and Tobi escape. Chogan roars at Oka never to come back, and Toklo, Tobi, and Oka leave the territory, and Toklo thinks that he wants to be just as powerful as Toklo's father when he grows up.


Grizzly Bears

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