Tui Sutherland


Date of Birth
July 31, 1978
House location
Boston, USA
Books Written

Tui Sutherland is a children's book author who has also written under several pseudonyms. She graduated from Williams College in 1998, and she lives with her husband and their yorkshire-poodle mix, Sunshine.

She also uses the pen name Erin Hunter to write the Seekers and Warriors novel series alongside Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, and Cherith Baldry.


Tui Sutherland has written three Seekers books which are The Quest Begins, Smoke Mountain and Fire in the Sky. She has also edited many of the other Seekers books.
Tui has written many other books under the name of Erin Hunter, most notable being the Warriors Series.
Under other pen names, she has written and edited several other books.


Tui T. Sutherland was born in Venezuela, and was named after a noisy New Zealand bird.
Her family then moved to Paraguay, Florida, the Dominican Republic, and finally settled in New Jersey where she went to high school.
After graduating from college, she moved to New York and became an editor for a publishing company, soon moving onto writing her own novels.

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