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"It is your time too. I wish it were not so. Look for me where the Selamuit are, and I will find you among the stars."
— Tulugaq to Ujurak in Spirits in the Stars, page 205

Tulugaq (too-lu-gack) was an old,[1] frail[2] human. He can transform into a raven.[3]


In The Original Series arc

Spirits in the Stars

When Ujurak enters the Inuit village, he is seeking a man who wears black feathers. Ujurak meets Eva, who takes him to see Tulugaq, who is her grandfather. Tulugaq tells Ujurak that the wild is being destroyed, and then he and Ujurak transform into ravens to see what is happening with the structures humans are building. He is drenched in oil, and struggles to fly back. Tulugaq tells Ujurak that his time has come and that Ujurak's also, has come, hinting that he knew Ujurak would die. Tulugaq then dies.


  • Tulugaq knew that he would die, as he tells Ujurak he will join the stars soon.[4]
  • Tulugaq knew that Ujurak would die soon after they meet.[5]
  • Tulugaq can shape shift into a raven, thus making him a shape-shifter like Ujurak.[6]
  • His name means "raven" in Inuktitut.[7]

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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