"You should come and speak to Aga. Last night we heard terrible storms coming from the no-claw structure. And then we saw the Iqniq dancing in the sky, brighter than ever. What happened? And where is the other brown bear who was travelling with you?"
— Tunerq questioning the group in Spirits in the Stars page 354

Tunerq (too-nerk) is a male[1] polar bear.[2]


In The Original Series arc

Spirits in the Stars

Lusa and Kallik see Tunerq and Illa, along with some other bears near where the humans were living. Tunerq was arguing that the polar bears of Star Island should take food from the metal cans outside the humans' houses. When Lusa tells the bears that the seals are making them sick, Tunerq uses that fact as a reason that the bears should take the human food.
When Toklo suggests that they learn how to hunt musk oxen, Tunerq joins the hunting group. Tunerq and the bears soon bring down a musk ox. The bears of Star Island say that the musk oxen could feed all of the bears at Star Island. Toklo invites the group to eat the musk ox first.


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