"Grateful? Aga was fluff-brained to think that a black bear like you could save us, you pitiful scrap of fur!"
— Unalaq insulting Lusa in Spirits in the Stars, pages 216-217

Polar Bear

Yakone (Brother)
Book Appearances

Unalaq (oo-na-lak) is a large,[1] muscular[2] male adult polar bear.[3]


The Original Series

Spirits in the Stars

Unalaq is a young male polar bear from the Star Island group. He is Yakone's brother, and is hostile toward the group, especially Toklo and Lusa. He is seen arguing with Illa over eating food fromno-claws. When Lusa tells them not to eat seals anymore, Unalaq accuses her of lying to steal their food. He and Toklo fight while Kallik tries to get Kissimi far away, because Unalaq is onto Kissimi's scent trail, and obviously will eventually find out. Tensions with him and the bears have been high ever since they've met, especially Toklo.

Seekers: Return to the Wild

The Longest Day

Unalaq is mentioned when Yakone asked Illa if Unalaq came with them. She says that he didn't because Aga couldn't protect herself, and also that he's pretty stubborn.


  • His name means 'West Wind' in Inuktitut.[4]


Unalaq ignored him. Swinging his head around, he gave the air several deep sniffs. "I smell a cub." he growled.
- Narrator describing Unalaq as he scents Kissimi, Spirits in the Stars, page 196.

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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