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"I have been waiting for you for such a long time, my precious cub. Come, walk in the sky with me, and I know that I am very proud of you."
— Ursa to Ujurak after he dies in Spirits in the Stars, page 354

Ursa (er-sah) is a shape-shifting[2] female bear spirit with starry fur.[3] Different bear species may call her Silaluk, Arcturus or The Lonely Bear, but she is truly Ursa in all forms. She is also Ujurak’s mother.


In The Original Series arc

Fire in the Sky

Ursa comes to Ujurak, telling him that she is his mother. She visits Kallik in a dream as Silaluk, visits Toklo as the Lonely Bear, and Lusa as Arcturus.

Spirits in the Stars

Ursa is there when Ujurak wakes up as a spirit, and she encourages him to go with her.
Ursa explains to Ujurak what happened before he went off on his own, reminding him of how she had died and tells him the story of when he first shape shifted.


"They are truly wild bears now and they will show others whose paths they cross what wild bears are."
—Ursa about Toklo, Lusa and Kallik to Ujurak Spirits in the Stars, page 255

Family Tree


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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