aka Tanglemask aka TheMcMuffin

  • I live in British Columbia, Canada, on Bear Snout Mountain; WindClan Camp
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Hunting and Eating Prey
  • I am A Male Kodiak Bear
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Welcome to my page!
Hello, I'm Manulik. I'm proud to be Seekers Wiki's Chat Mod. Welcome to my user page. I am pretty good with templates so if you need one made that is relevent to the wiki, just ask. Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page if you need any help.
Manulik The Kodiak Bear

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Kodiak Bear

Bear Type
Kodiak Bear
Best Friends/Favorite Character
Favorite Book
Special Talent
Really Good at catching salmon and making dens
Father - Grandik
Mother - Elenik
Brother - Nikiluk
Character Art Manulik

Manulik Character Art

Character Art Manulik 2

Manulik Character Art

Hi, I'm Manulik! I'm a Kodiak Bear! I'm 6 Moons old! (That's kinda like half a year in no-snout years). I live near the top of Bear Snout Mountain in a cave with my mother, Elenik, my father, Grandik, and my brother, Nikiluk. My best friend is Toklo. We met when I was 2 moons old. We played every day. When I was 3 moons old, Toklo left and I never saw him again. One day I want to have territory to my own! I'll protect it and only my family could come near it! But that's only a dream right now. It'll happen, one day.
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Manulik The Kodiak Bear


Manulik The Kodiak Bear - Warrior and Seeker Forever

Favorite Quotes

"What about you? You didn't even think twice about following those two. They say, 'Let's go onto the ice' and right away you say, 'Where do I put my paws?' If you ask me, you're the brave one."
Toklo to Lusa in Fire in the Sky


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