Midnight Snow

aka Midnight, Mikayla Sharp

  • My occupation is Author of Lovers Series
  • I am Female

Hi, My name is Midnight Snowbut you can call me Midnight.
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Me with my sister Bella (at 6 weeks old), which I mistakened her for Lusa when I was younger. :)

Thank you for viewing my proflie. I written a fan fic about Tikaani and Toklo on Seekers Share Wiki . Please read it if you have the time to :)

About Me

Hi, My name is Midnight Snow. I'm Kermode Bear! I'm 3 and a half full moons old! (That's 7 moons). 

I live near the Great Lake of Bear Gatherings with my sisters, Bella  and my mother, Anernerk.

My father, Kaskae, left my family 2 weeks after I was born to go with his tribe mates and never return, my brother Keskuk died of starvation and my elder sister left to go with her partner.

My best friend is Lusa. My family met her when I was 2 1/4 full moons old. We played every day and she stayed with us. When I was 2 3/4 full moons old, Lusa left and I haven't seen her since. She told me I will see her again though. 

Interesting Fact about Kermode Bears

According to National Geographic, The Kermode bear is a variation of the American Black Bear but White!

My Favourite pages

User Boxes :)

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Here are some other details about me which are user boxes :):

  • I have Blonde Hair (of course).
Kermode bear This user has blonde hair.
  • My favourite domesticated animal is the Dog.
Dog This user's favorite animal is the dog
  • My favourite wild animals are wild dogs, cats and bears.
  • I own all the books.
Polar bears are cute-1280x960 This user's favorite animal is the bear
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