• I live in florida
  • My occupation is being inactive
  • I am female

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You know our background theme? Well I'm proud to say I took that picture in Colorado. Tee-hee!

Face brown

About Me

Hi! I'm Nightfern, the newest staff member of Seekers Wiki. I'm a girl living it hot South Florida, though I'd much rather live in Colorado. I'm a admin here. I joined this site on May 9, 2011, so I'm new to this website. I'm excited to be helping out this community! I'm excellent with codes, so if you need help feel free to contact me at:

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Night Fern is a young, beautiful, medium- sized golden-brown female she-bear with gorgeous, dark brown eyes.

Night Fern

Night Fern

Other Names
Silver She-Bear
Ferns of Night
3 years
Silver Mountain
Dark Oak
Red Willow, Avalik
Lupa, Nisa

Night Fern was born to Kaluk and Amoqui in the Silver Mountains. She was a small, adorable cub with fluffy fur and large, round, dark eyes. Amoqui, her father left her mother as soon as she was born, and her mother, heartbroken after thinking he really loved her, died of a broken heart when Night Fern was a small, helpless cub. Two days later, after sleeping alone in a cave, Night Fern was found by a pack of friendly wolves who raised her as their own.

She eventually thanked and left the wolves. She had turned into a beautiful, sleek, slender she-bear with a tiny, torn ear that she had gotten when she had play-fought her adopted brother wolf, Kapu.

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