Hey! It is me, Salcie. I have been reading Seekers since it first came out. It is one of my all- time favorite series. I have gotten some of my friends to read the books, and they are hooked on it, like me! I am always waiting for the latest book to come out. In my free time, I read, act, sing, dance, play piano, and do soccer.

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Bear Info

I am a black bear! I am of a regular height. I have a brown muzzle, black body, long claws, and large ears. My eyes are blue, an unusual shade for black bears. My earliest memory is stumbling through the woods as a cub, looking for a pine tree for shelter. I never met my parents. Well, I don't remember them, if I ever was with them.

My two best friends are Floare and Teren. Floare is the biggest of the three of us. She looks like me, except her ears and claws are shorter, she has green eyes, and she has a splash of brown on her chest, and her paws are brown, too. Treren is smaller than me, but she also shares my big ears and long claws. Her eyes are brown, and the brown of her muzzle trails to the top of her underbelly as well.

We are inseparable. I met Floare one day while scavenging for berries. Her mother had left her to die because she thought Floare was too small to survive. But, as you can tell, Floare grew much larger, and was able to fend for herself. We traveled together, and then we met Teren and her family. We stayed with them for a while, but one day, a band of flat-faces came with their firesticks and killed Teren's parents and her brother and sister. Teren decided to join Floare and I after the attack ended.

We are always on the move. Anytime we try and find a home, something always goes wrong. But we always have each other, so everything will be ok.

The Wiki

This wiki is my pride an joy, and I love it very much. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them anytime on my talk page. I will get back to you ASAP. If you can't seem to reach me, you can always go to my friend and admin, Nightfern.


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