I know I'm new to this wiki, and my thoughts might not mean much, but I don' think we should have badges. I've seen how some users will "accidently" make an incorrect edit so they have to go back and edit a few more times just so they get in extra edits for their badges.
We have edit counts for a reason. Edit counts mean so much more than badges, because they show the actual work that users did. If a new user comes and vandalizes pages, they can still make it up to the top of the badges list, which would make Seekers Wiki look bad.
An example of why we shouldn't have badges is that Mistey has the most contributive edits out of anyone the wiki, but she isn't that far ahead of everyone else on the badge list. How is that fair? Think of if you were in Mistey's position.

It's becoming too competitive, and I think the wiki would be much better off without badges.

Should we keep badges?

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