Family Trees Are Coming!


For a while now, people have been wanting to make family trees. Over the past few days, I have visited over 30 different wikis trying to find someone that could do it. I was even told that only a few people in the world could make them. I met a user on Wikia Template Wiki and he directed me to the family tree page on the wiki. He told me that the coding was much too difficult for him and that I won't be able to do it. I created a new wiki called Manulik's Test Wiki. Now we have a wiki that everyone can use to test new ideas before they reach the actual wiki. On Manulik's Test Wiki, I created several pages:

  • Familytree
  • Familytree/doc
  • Familytree/element
  • Familytree/element/doc
  • SPW
  • SPW/doc

The Making

After fixing major glitches, I am pleased to say that it actually worked. You can see my very first family tree featuring Manulik's family HERE

I have not yet figured out how to get colors and will attempt that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I would like you guys to view the tree and see if you like it. (Imagine certain boxes Pink and others Blue). If you guys like it, I will make one for every character on the wiki creating a new template for each. EX. Template:Familytree/Toklo. The name will feature the most popular character in the tree. I will not make tree's for Purnaq or characters with no family.

Making family trees is NOT simple. It requires lots of special coding that I'm still working with. For now, don't worry about making any templates until I've perfected the tree. Added colors, a key, and other things.

Right now I am planning to make males a light blue and females a light pink. Unknown will be white. If you want these colors to change, please comment in the comments below.


All credit to these templates that I will eventually import onto this wiki and are on the test wiki is to Wikia Template Wiki. Do not say that I made them from scratch because that would have been impossible.

Thanks For reading!

Manulik The Kodiak Bear 00:45, January 24, 2013 (UTC)

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