Over the past few months I've been here, I've noticed nothing happens. We have tons of projects and other thing but no one tries out, or perticipates. I've noticed Mistey trying to start Project:Characterart. That was created in August and nothing happened! It's time to turn things around. Everyone try to help out as much as possible. Agreed? Please take this into cinsideration. Seekers Wiki needs to get better. Mistey and Sorrel, we need to try to do something.


I am going to try to restart this one. I am reading Great Bear Lake and I will try to post as many as possible.

Project:Character Art

Has anyone or is anyone a good artist? we need to draw basic templates, and color them.


Adult Male Grizzly Bear

Adult Female Grizzly Bear

Cub Male Grizzly Bear

Cub Female Grizzly Bear

Adult Male Black Bear

Adult Female Black Bear

Cub Male Black Bear

Cub Female Black Bear

Adult Male Polar Bear

Adult Female Polar Bear

Cub Male Polar Bear

Cub Female Polar Bear

Adult Male Grolar Bear

Adult Female Grolar Bear

Cub Male Grolar Bear

Cub Female Grolar Bear


Citations Needed. Let's make some templates to organize sources.


We need to find every character at least 1 quote. Shouldn't be to hard.

Please coment on anyone of these project's talk page if you'd like to join. Manulik The Kodiak Bear 20:12, December 1, 2012 (UTC)

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