I created a new cite.


The use of this cite will give this:

Kissimi has fine fur{{r|U}}

Kissimi has fine fur[1]

  1. Revealed

    in an Unknown Book

Should we keep this? Also, I created a cite for the 5th and 6th books if you view this template, Template:R/b, you will see them, don't delete them. They will eventually change. It's just so anyone else can do it easily. I have them labeled: B5, B5D, B6, B6D (Book 5, Book 5 Dedication, et cetera.)

{ {r|U} } = Revealed in an Unknown Book

The poll was created at 20:45 on May 19, 2013, and so far 6 people voted.


I've added the following:


OTOSM=Original The Original Series Map

TOSM=The Original Series Map

IOSM=Island of Shadows Map

TMSM=The Melting Sea Map

ROLBM=River of Lost Bears Map

FOSM=Forest of Secrets Map

B5M=Book 5 Map

B6M=Book 6 Map

UM=an Unknown Map


This[1] is[2] an[3] example[4] to[5] show[6] you[7] all[8] the[9] new cites.

  1. Revealed

    in the original The Original Series Map

  2. Revealed in the The Original Series Map
  3. Revealed in Island of Shadows Map
  4. Revealed in The Melting Sea Map
  5. Revealed in River of Lost Bears Map
  6. Revealed in Forest of Wolves Map
  7. Revealed in an unknown book
  8. Revealed in an unknown book
  9. Revealed in an Unknown Map
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