Hi, people! I know I said in a previous blog that I may be leaving, but until then (whenever that may be), I plan to edit as much as I can.
So... About projects. Our projects have been slow, to say the least. Actually, they have been 100% inactive. So in order to encourage users to join projects, and current users to continue to take part, maybe we can have a contest.
How I think it should work:
  • Users may post join requests on whatever project they wish to take part in; the request should state why they would make a good edition to the project, and, of course, who they are. Simple enough.
  • All users start out as "New Members", and if they wish, they may request a mentor. Mentor requests are fairly easy to complete. On the talk page of the project, make a header saying: "Mentor Request <insert name here>". You will insert your user name in the <insert name here> part.
  • Members may rank up when they either request to be ranked up (leaders still need to approve), or when another project member recommends that they be ranked up.
    • Members may not rank higher than "Senior Member", as there is only need for one leader and deputy.
  • Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition will get a prize.

I will choose a start and end date after I see what other users comment.


So... The fun part. What do you think the prize should be? Some ideas: Winner is the featured user which means they have an article about them on our main page and there will be a blog written about them, rights of some sort (chat mod or rollbacker, maybe), or a leadership position in a project. It's up to you to choose what prizes should be. I'll choose some good ideas from the comments, then make a poll so everyone can vote on their favorite.

And no, I will not be participating in this. I guess I'm a judge-person...?

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