Hi everyone, this blog is just to let everyone know that the new templates have been created. The Startspoiler and Endspoiler templates have now been created, so please make sure to add them to articles that contain spoilers for the books.

Add the startspoiler to a book's page before where it says "Detailed Plot Summary", and end spoiler at the end of the detailed plot summary, unless there are spoilers in the trivia section, which is uncommon. An example of this can be seen on the The Quest Begins. For characters, add it wherever spoilers start, and end where they end. An example can be seen on the Toklo page. Thanks! ☾Mistey☽My Talk!

I just created User Templates. So far there are Templates for like/dislike for Toklo, Lusa, Yakone, Kallik, and Nanulak. I need a picture of the bear featured on the template, so if anyone find a picture from the book of any characters not mentioned, please tell me so I can create another template. There are also templates for what books a user owns, but I ahven't finished them yet. If you have questions about how to use them, or have suggestions for future templates, tell me on my talk page. Thanks everyone! ☾Mistey☽My Talk! 22:58, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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