So most people seem to think that Lusa and Toklo will make a good pair, but Erin Hunter has confirmed they will not become mates. We have seen in Island of Shadows that polar bears and grizzlies can become mates, so why not Tikaani and Toklo? Why I think they like each other:

  1. Tikaani asks Toklo to stay with him,
  2. Toklo says his heart was pounding and his fur felt hot when he left her,
  3. Tikaani mentions brown bears and polar bears have cubs together,
  4. They touch muzzles before Toklo leaves and
  5. When Toklo is talking to Kallik, the book says he looked up as if he was expecting to see another bear. Could the other bear be Tikkaani?

Yes, in Island of Shadows we have seen many grolar bears, so why can't Toklo and Tikaani be mates? It's so obvious he is in love with her! I think that if it weren't for Ujurak appearing and reminding him of "what really matters", he would have chosen to stay with Tikaani, and they would have become mates.

What do you think?

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