Guys, I was on the Warriors Reporting Center and found this:

It's the bit that says 'Aliance with Survivor Dogs wiki'. I know that Mistey is aware that a user from Survivors called 'the Real Cat 1948' requested an alliance between Survivors and Seekers. Now TRC has asked Warriors.

A warriors user has proposed that Warriors and Survivors forms a friendship with a Seekers wiki If the friendship was to go ahead, and another user found this wiki, saying that one of their users is an admin there (me), and it was the most active Seekers wiki she had seen.

Sure, the Survivors wiki alone wouldn't have worked out, but Warriors Wiki is a VERY ACTIVE wiki, with many brilliant active users and artists that can help us out with the Project: Character Art we are trying to set up. Think what good it would do for the wiki! Not only will it bring in more users, and improve articals, but it will help Survivors too, which needs A LOT of work.

So who agrees with this friendship between Seekers, Warriors, and Survivors? If there is agreement, I will inform Warriors wiki that we are willing to form a friendship. I have informed them now that a blog has been set up here and we will decide.

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